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"I was in my meet and greet earlier today and this lovely girl asked me if I would play this song and I haven't played it in a while, really. Especially not in Toronto"

Hi, I'm Julia, I'm that girl :)

I post edits & gifs of Taylor Swift.

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yo taylor…if u have a secret session in toronto, canada……..hmu 

taylorswift i SUPPORT THIS u can have it at my house or like at the party room at my work or you know honestly id rent out the acc for you just come just COME HERE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i third this request. we have some pretty cool cute venues/cafe’s in toronto that would be perfect. i also have a really homey feeling room (id even remove the various posters of your face to make it less creepy). also it’s about time i see shannon at an event of yours since we’re always there at the same time, but have never met so taylorswift this is why i think you should have a secret session in toronto. 

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While you’ve been gettin’ down and out about the liars and dirty, dirty cheats of the world, you could have been getting down to taylorswift as an emoji [X]

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